Waymade Capital Becomes Minority Shareholder In Sicut Enterprises

Waymade Capital, the family office of Vijay and Bhikhu Patel, today announces that it has made an investment to become a minority shareholder in Sicut Enterprises. Sicut is the licensee to an extensive package of patented technology from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.   Sicut has the exclusive rights to this Rutgers Technology across Europe, Africa, Australasia, India and most of Asia.   This unique technology enables the manufacture of infrastructure building products made from 100% recycled materials that offer superior performance, significantly better value and a unique solution to a range of current and future risks facing customers.

Sicut’s proprietary product portfolio includes recycled composite railway sleepers, Vertech® composite building products and Ulti-Mat crane and bog mats.  Railway sleepers made using the Rutgers Technology have already been successfully installed in main line, freight and mining tracks in 16 countries around the world, accumulating nearly 20 years of fault free use. Rutgers Technology building products have been used to build the world’s first recycled plastic railway and HGV road bridges and have also been used in military facilities, marinas, boardwalks, parks, mining, and oil pipeline infrastructure and construction mats made using the Rutgers Technology are a proven and superior solution to hardwood construction mats.    These unique products offer a new material solution to complement or replace traditional building products including wood, steel, and concrete, and deliver superior and sustainable solutions to meet infrastructure needs across the globe.