Universal Music sees 18% Absence Reduction With Video GP Service

AXA PPP healthcare rolls out online video GP and digital healthcare services to corporate clients following successful pilot with Doctor Care Anywhere and Universal Music Holdings Ltd.

Founded by UK doctors, CQC-registered Doctor Care Anywhere is on course for rapid growth following a successful pilot with AXA PPP healthcare’s corporate client Universal Music Holdings Ltd. With 97% opt-in, hundreds of employees have been regularly using the service since May, rating it an average 4.7 out of 5 in terms of employee satisfaction. 

Doctor Care Anywhere provides online video and phone GP consultations seven days a week, 365 days a year via a bespoke and secure platform. The service allows patients to make same-day appointments with UK GPs who are specially trained in virtual consultation skills, and delivers prescribed medication to any location in the world. This means patients can be seen by a UK GP and receive prescription medication even when on holiday or travelling on business. Patients are able to choose their doctor by gender, name, or area of expertise. Their Doctor Care Anywhere GP can also refer them to a specialist and share the patient’s notes directly with their NHS GP.

The deal between Doctor Care Anywhere and AXA PPP healthcare will initially provide AXA PPP’s larger sized corporate clients the opportunity to offer a new service called Doctor@Hand to employees and their families, meaning hundreds of thousands of people will be able to access high quality medical care at a day and time that suits them, from any location. 

This collaboration is a milestone achievement for Doctor Care Anywhere, which aims to deliver the most clinically robust and accessible model for delivering online healthcare, which the company hopes will pave the way for mainstream use of online video GP consultations and better long term health management at a time when a staggering 68% of city workers are ignoring health problems due to work commitments. 

Patients will benefit from a comprehensive suite of technologies including an app, a secure website and a better way to review their medical records. A new set of features is also under development, including symptom tracking and prescription management.

Founder Dr Farzad Entikabi, a practising GP Partner and GP trainer in London, said: “We have spent two years designing and testing what we believe to be the most effective, safe and clinically robust service on the market.

“Winning this contract is a fantastic achievement for us – AXA PPP healthcare conducted extensive due diligence that tested our service against competitors. We are very excited about the opportunity to scale up the service and to prove the potential of a new approach that could change the way GPs practise in the future, giving them more time and flexibility that they have been demanding to deliver patient care.”

Kate Newhouse, CEO of Doctor Care Anywhere, said: “Our provision of the Doctor@Hand service to AXA PPP’s corporate clients is a game-changing win for us, enabling us to reach hundreds of thousands more customers. We believe that our online video GP consultations service will result in a shift in the industry towards better access to healthcare driven by latest technologies. We see a future, where obtaining fast, high quality medical care and advice using your smartphone, tablet or laptop will be commonplace. And that future is here today, for AXA PPP clients.”

Elliott Hurst, Director of Health Consulting at AXA PPP healthcare, said: “We are proud to be working with Doctor Care Anywhere, whose service was unmatched by their competitors. Using their expertise, our new Doctor@Hand service will allow patients to use the technology that is already a part of their everyday life to make their healthcare journey easier and simpler – and take better control of their health and wellbeing.”

Andrea Giacomazzi, Universal Music Holdings Ltd Compensation & Benefits Director says, “We are exceedingly happy with the Doctor@Hand service delivered by Doctor Care Anywhere, which we have been using since May this year. Feedback from employees is extremely positive – our staff can’t believe they can get a GP appointment on the same day and from the comfort of their own home. Doctor@Hand ties in with our aim to provide relevant and cutting edge benefits to our employees. The proof that it has been a success is the 97% employee take-up and an 18% year-to-date decrease in absences for medical appointments compared to the same period in 2014.”

The announcement comes at an important period for the NHS, with the Prime Minister recently unveiling his ambition for a ‘seven-day NHS’ – with new technologies including video consultations planned for the service by 2020.

Commenting on the plans, Dr Entikabi said: “There is no doubt that new technology has an important role to play in the future of the NHS, although it can never be the answer to all the issues the service faces.”

“The idea for Doctor Care Anywhere was born from my own experience and I believe that video consultations are a natural next step for new types of patient care. 

“However, there is still a great deal to learn. As pioneers in the field, I hope we can share some of the lessons we have learned to help shape planned future services.”