Building a portfolio of properties

Alongside Pharma, Sovereign Property is the core of Waymade Capital.

Our history in property

Bhikhu trained as an architect and started re-investing proceeds from Chemy’s and Waymade PLC early on. His success in investing in commercial property in the South East in particular means Sovereign Property now rivals the Pharmaceuticals side of the business in value.

Early 1980s

Sovereign Property started in the 1980s by buying freeholds of retail pharmacy units, driven by Vijay’s and Bhikhu’s desire to diversify retail pharmacy business and “bricks and mortar” perceived as a safe investment

Mid 1980s to 90s

By mid-80s it had expanded into other retail and office buildings, by late-80s into industrial and warehousing, and by 90s into residential developments

2000 and onwards

The portfolio is split 37% Health Centres, 19% Care Homes, 14% Leisure, 10% Office, 10% Industrial and 10% Residential by value.

Our pillars