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Alongside Property, this is the core of Waymade Capital.


Acquire: Atnahs acquires “mature” (i.e. post-patent expiry), established branded prescription medicines from large cap and specialty pharma.

Develop: It develops line extensions (new formulations or new markets) to the medicines it acquires. It also develops its own niche generic medicines in-house.

Market: It currently owns and markets a portfolio of more than 15 medicines and operates in over 130 markets globally.

” After I sold Amdipharm (named after my sons Amit and Dipen), I wanted to apply the lessons I had learned and have another go at building a speciality pharma business. I set up Atnahs in 2013 to reinvest the proceeds from the sale of Amdipharm and named it in honour of Bhikhu’s and my mother, Shanta.”

– Vijay Patel, Co-Chairman


Waymade PLC

Waymade PLC provides a range of pharmaceutical services throughout the UK. It comprises Sovereign Medical, Sovereign Logistics and Sovereign Laboratories. Sovereign Medical owns and markets a portfolio of niche generic medicines. Sovereign Logistics stores and distributes its own and third party medicines from a purpose-built distribution centre. Sovereign Laboratories conducts pharmaceutical testing and validation for its own and third party medicines.


Our pillars